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I’m Alastair and I’m a 40 something British Chap, who writes about Lifestyle Design for us grown-ups.

I’m interested in Minimalism, but with a healthy dose or reality.  Not for me is selling all I have and taking my backpack full of only 40 things (how many pairs of boxers exactly?) to gad about the world.  I have a family to support!

No, I believe Minimalism offers some excellent tools to help live a meaningful and happy life and it’s about choosing where to invest time, money and energy.

In addition, I write about Lifestyle Design, a loose term incorporating life hacks, clever stuff, working for yourself, health and wealth.

The days of a job for life and loyalty to one employer are over.

Hitting my mid-life and finding myself the proud father of a small person has been a shock, albiet a great one.  It’s reminded me that I only have a finite amount of time to live.  I want to make the best of that time and gain the most control of it.

In order to do this I’ll be looking at how minimalism, self-employment, lifestyle hacks, fitness, wealth creation and various cool tools can all help me on my journey.

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