The Unavoidable First Post

March 15 2012 was a very special day for me.

Something happened that I had never thought would actually take place.

My son entered the world.

Often in life, events can act as a catalyst for change.  People make new resolutions at New Year, people lose their jobs and decide to create a brand new business or finally travel the world. People use a single event to actually get on and do something that has been in their thoughts for a long time.

Well, the birth of L was my kick up the bum.

I’d been interested in the whole Lifestyle Design phenomenon thanks to superstars like Tim Ferris, Chris Guillebeau etc.  I had, for a long time been wanting to create my own lifestyle and business that suited me.  But I also realised that unlike these two gents I had responsibilities and ties.

Also, I am inherently lazy and a terrible procrastinator.  So I waited.  And waited.

On March 15 though something changed.  I became a proud father, a proud partner to a beautiful woman and 3 lovely step-kids. I decided I had to become a man.

Designing a new lifestyle had real meaning to me now.  I wanted to be able to support my family and also be there to spend time with my newborn son.  I want to be able to take him out into nature and show him the amazing world we live in, I want to be there for school events.  I want to be able to provide for him financially.  I want to achieve time and monetary freedom.

In order to do this, I want to develop my own business.  And through this blog and products I’ll write for it I hope to achieve that aim.

I’m 40+ years old, I procrastinate, I love writing and creating, I’m looking to post useful information on fitness, finance, life-balance, lifestyle design, adventure, travel and contribution.  I’ll be fighting my bad habits and looking for tools that help me overcome them.  I’ll be taking time to enjoy and wonder in the amazing world around me.  If any of this seems of interest to you, I hope you’ll follow along and share my journey with me.